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Henan Yinmeite Machinery Co., Ltd, which is the general agent of international brand“Ramimtech”for conveyor belt maintenance. Because of its outstanding quality that selling well all over the world. We are specializing, focusing and concentrating on conveyor belt maintenance.People-oriented, strengthening management, expanding the market and creating superior service are our concept of development. Holding the concept, we built our RAMIMTECH brand and provide comprehensive service for industrial and mining enterprises.
Henan Yinmeite Machinery Co., Ltd, focusing on sales, engineering technic consultation and project contracting of rubber cold splicing repair material, with years’practice, formed a scientific management system. customer-oriented and supported by engineering materials and engineering technology. Paying attention to management,  cutting the cost to increase the profit, creating an excellent technical service team, comprehensively upgrading the service quality and realizing win-win integrity with customers.
Our company can provide conveyor belt maintenance materials, tools and equipment to Power plant, steel plant, coking plant, cement plant, grain, mine, port, chemical industry, the subway and etc. Then realize fast fix to conveyor belt maintenance for our customers.
Main products: cold splicing material, cold splicing cement (SK313), repair strip( with CN bonding layer), repair patches, wear resistance rubber sheet( with semi-cured layer). Metal primer(SK363), AB compound strip, AB compound cement, cleaning agent and so on.
Hot splicing materials: hot splicing glue, uncured tie gum, uncured cover rubber and fabric reinforced network for usual conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, PVC& PVG solid woven belt.
Special tools : angle grinder (L1202,high-power and low-speed), high speed grinder(SA7000C), T2 extruder gun, ply knife, rubber knife, ply lifter, stitcher, regroover, vulcanizing machine, conveyor belt stripper and so on.
Other products: impact bar, impact bed, and special rubber with acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
Our scope of service: conveyor belt installation, conveyor belt repair, conveyor belt joint, pulley lagging, on-site technical support for the related problems of abrasion, corrosion, noise and agglomerate, Consulting and technical solutions, Conveyor belt maintenance and emergency repair 24 hours a day.

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