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Cold vulcanized rubber drum kits will inevitably impact the domestic "roller casting plastic" industry

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      Pulley means of cold curing adhesive means an adhesive rubber sheet attached to the surface of the metal roller, the surface of the rubber plate by the diamond pattern or a "human" shape pattern, has reached the surface of the drum increases the friction, which can effectively prevent sliding between the roller and the conveyor, conveyor belt to reduce slippage occurring in the course of transportation of materials, deviation, etc., to improve transport material has a more significant role. Currently, the plastic drum kits are widely used in coal, power plants, metallurgy, cement, ports and other application-intensive industries conveyor, conveyor transport system is an important component part.

      Conventional thermal curing plastic drum kits and new cold vulcanized rubber drum kits contrast RAMIMTECH

      Conventional thermal curing plastic drum kits, also known as (drum casting plastic), mainly through large rollers curing equipment for curing, but I want to say is due to the special structure of the drum, often result in curing pressure is too low, resulting in high levels of sulfur drum the surface of the rubber content is too low, is a direct result of such: roller abrasion resistance drop, easy to aging, life is short, and the conveyor roller surface friction loss and other problems. Also drum thermal curing plastic bag can not live construction, the need to transport the drum to be cast vulcanized rubber factory, which will result in a waste of human and material resources.

      RAMIMTECH new drum kits cold vulcanized rubber roller with respect to the traditional casting plastic biggest advantage is that it can carry out on-site drum plastic bag, using SK313 cold-curing adhesives, sk363 metal primer, and corrosion resistant special rubber roller bag plastic plate , with RAMIMTECH cold curing system can cure a cold spot on the drum plastic bag, plastic bag use this new technology cold is characterized by cold-curing adhesive can SK313 and corrosion resistant rubber panels generate vulcanization reaction, which will offset prison firmly attached to the surface of the roller, rubber sheet and roll adhesive force can be staggering 12 N / mm, cold-curing adhesive force RAMIMTECH new plastic drum kits is 8-9 times that of domestic cylinder casting plastic technology, this new drum encapsulation technology is particularly suitable for coal mines, power plants and other small venues construction site occasions.

      RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized rubber roller bag case

      Shanxi Coal Mine Group, a subsidiary of a currently used in all RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized rubber drum kits, before adopting RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized rubber roller bag mine has been using a traditional drum casting plastic way, according to field workers was introduced: the drum surface of the rubber off easily, and conveyor belt conveyor belt during operation, easy easy deviation, each cast rubber production will delay, at the time in order to reduce construction time, simply with some spare drum for a rainy day, but still need to replace the drum, also in trouble! After using RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized rubber roller bag technology, not only cycle using longer, more important is the amount of material conveyor transport is also significantly improved.

      Currently, RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized rubber drum kits widely used in the field of domestic coal, power, metallurgy, cement, ports, etc., in the next few years, with coal, metallurgy and other industries restructuring is bound to give domestic traditional drum kits rubber industry impact, and highly innovative roller cold vulcanized rubber bag plastic drum kits is bound to lead the industry!

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