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What belt repair adhesive glue?

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      In general, choose a belt with plastic adhesive patches should note two things:

      First, the selected patch is not sticky glue belt strap special glue.

      Second, if the selected belt has a strong adhesive glue adhesion, high bonding density, fire-retardant, fast drying time and other characteristics.

      RAMIMTECH belt according to the domestic market demand for adhesive glue, the introduction of the German adhesive belt, by Yin Mei special packaging in the country, unified sales, mainly used in conveyor belt damage repair adhesive, glue roller cold pack, and a conveyor belt of cold vulcanized joints.

      Belt repair a two-component adhesive bonding sk313, high-performance adhesives, its excellent adhesion quality than Germany DIN industrial standards, the bonding strength is heat curing adhesive strength with considerable; be used for metal and rubber adhesion between the rubber and the rubber, and rubber fabric, woven fabric and between the fabric and the metal.

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