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Conveyor heat curing joint operational processes

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      RAMIMTECH order to better service for customers, according to the actual situation of thermal curing conveyor belt joints, specially formulated product application procedures and field joints of the conveyor belt.

      First, the joint preparatory work before:

      1, before the joint need to do down the open shelves.

      2, viewing the scene, choose easy-to-put with a convenient location and transportation for joint locations.

      3, the joint space to be cleaned, dried and spacious, and bright.

      4, in the rubber industry at the pull, the demolition crew delivered more than four groups on roller shelves.

      5, the pre-made ​​flat on the delivery table on the rack.

      6, the vulcanizing machine base and hot plate flat on the work surface.

      7, will take the lead into the ends of the conveyor belt vulcanizing machine under the hot plate, and then start the job.

      Second, the joint operating procedures and points:

      1, will be marked at both ends of the lead conveyor centerline.

      2, find the center of the three mutual distances greater than 1 meter to see if even a straight line, as can be connected into a straight (line) (even if not a straight line, to re-find the center in a straight line until it can be connected), with red crayon mark the center line before put into sulfur control before testing curing device, according to the design requirements are normal, (so as not to cure into failure), then pull affect quality.

      Third, the preparation of the joint compound

      Joint Materials needed: Yin Mei core special glue, heat curing mortar.

      RAMIMTECH Tips: conveyor belt joint process, some of the material prepared as much as possible, to prepare for contingencies.

Head anatomical methods and technical requirements:

      1, to determine access molding, press fitting joints length to draw lines. Sulfide is used as flat as diamond, diamond-shaped angle by pulling the head line divided into oblique lines.

      2, take the lead in cutting angle (25 degrees -30 degrees) angle is consistent at both ends.

      3, anatomical preparation before: on a head covering anatomy before stripping glue, glue the other end of the stripped cover, cloth layer sequence and plastic parts along two side edges of plastic ladder reserved.

4, when the stripping head to pay attention to not cut the cloth layer, so as not to reduce joint strength.

      Four, grinding and co-head requirements

      1, with an electric grinder carefully polished steel wire cloth layers and layers of cloth and polished clean surface cure, not damage fabric layer, covering plastic and rubber edges polished into a rough surface.

Connectors at both ends of the lead after the pick centerline correction accurately, two fixed with a splint.

      2, the fixed good lead, brushing (two to three) times Yin US special heat curing mortar, to be dry, apply (the second time).

      3, After brushing glue is completely dry, glue in the joint of the core (center), with a special heat-curing mortar Yin Mei brushing and then close the head, according to co-head run along the direction of Face to, tape lamination line 8-10mm, when head-to post positive lead from the middle to both sides of compaction, the upper and lower plug glue stick, glue plugging in moderation, so as not to drain.

      4, before loading the pot, the sulfide part of the conveyor belt, following each layer of cellophane, easy to serve. Then you can try to be installed on both sides of pan shovel pot, tighten the bolts, pressure, temperature, vulcanization.

      Five joints curing conditions

      1, at power vulcanization, to the low-pressure preheater until thermometer to (80 ℃), we should hit the standard pressure and temperature rise (145 ℃) start to curing time, and strictly enforce the three elements of vulcanized , temperature, time, pressure, typically a pressure (between 1.2-2.0Mpa).

      2, to be cured insulation is completed, cut off the power until the temperature drops (80 ℃) or less, before the removal of vulcanized joints pressure relief device, cut wastage plastic edge, check whether the qualified joint quality.

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