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Belt Deflection causes and treatment approaches

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      How to deal with it when the conveyor deviation? First, if the deviation direction of the idle and in the case of transport of material toward the same direction are consistent, then the tightness of the conveyor is not the same on both sides, it should be sent according to the run rules do not run immediately, with the tensioning mechanism to adjust the re-; If wandering around the conveyor belt and no fixed direction, indicating that the conveyor belt is loose, you should adjust the tensioning device.
      Second, according to the deviation of the position adjustment method to determine if the deviation in the position of the roller conveyor, roller mounting instructions biased position, the roller axial movement, the front end of one end of the drum or after. In this case, the correction level and parallelism, such as the drum.
      Third, if the idle conveyor total deviation in the same direction, you can position the roller bracket deviation move 2cm belt according to the direction of rotation, or contralateral roller bracket appropriate heightening. If the tape is not deviation at no load, while overloading the total deviation to the side, indicating that the tape has emerged partial load. Should adjust the position of receiving hopper or tape machine, so that the tape are contained to prevent its deviation.
      Fourth, such as conveyor belt conveyor belt joint edges badly worn or not parallel, will make both sides of the belt tension is inconsistent. Should re-do the belt fitting or replacement of the conveyor belt.

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