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What compaction roller main purpose is how to use the operation?

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         Q: What is the main job of compaction rollers used?
         A: compaction roller is a belt repair tools, mainly for various types of conveyor belt repair, cold vulcanized joints and plastic drum kits and so on.
         Q: How many roller compaction specifications?
         A: compaction rollers common specifications 4mm, 12mm and 45mm
         Q: compaction roller belt repair, use plastic drum kits is how the operation?
         A: When the belt repair damaged scratched, damaged parts before use marker to mark out the area to determine the need for repair, the choice of the appropriate size of the patch or patches of film, and then use the tungsten steel grinding disc surrounding the damaged parts and polished look, after cleaning up brushing glue. Re-use and repair of conveyor belts for bonding, this time using a compaction roller compaction, rolling from the middle to both sides to prevent blistering production. Plastic drum kits is the same reason, in the plastic bag and rubber rollers for tight fit, the use of compaction rollers rolling from the middle to both sides. Finally down to the drum edges.

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