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Heating Solution sk823

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      Heating Solution sk823 is the latest type of conveyor heat curing adhesive, heat curing mortar sk823 is technically in the original introduction of Germany, the United States and other advanced formulation and production process of sublimation from. RAMIMTECH technicians pressurized by a belt vulcanizing machine sulfide test results, after thermal curing mortar sk823 improvement in the cure and adhesion properties have increased significantly over the previous generation of thermal curing mortar 9 percentage points.

      Sk823 with a high temperature heat curing mortar, water, oil, anti-aging, mortar and met the fire does not burn, bonding strength.

      Thermal curing mortar sk823 for everyday heavy belt vulcanization bonding all types of enterprises. Commonly used in fabric canvas, polyurethane conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts and so on. Shear strength after curing of: 99 (MPa).

      Thermal curing mortar sk823 active substances ≥: 99.8 (%), at room temperature shelf life of 12 months can. 1kg / barrel, 10kg / box. Packing safe, reliable and easy to transport and storage.

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