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Conveyor belt repair strip(repair band)

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      Fabric conveyor belt repair strips are in the process of transportation of materials in the subject of virtually scratch, injured by conveyor belt repair special material, so at a later date in operation at the location damaged by friction materials is increasing, resulting in rupture with the body, to cause losses to businesses and personal safety. So for some businesses and repair damaged fabric conveyor belt has become an important daily work.

      For damaged conveyor parts we'll use them to carry out repair patches of adhesive, why use an adhesive patch strip for it? Yin Mei special that repair of the unique industrial design can effectively reduce the recurrence of Guaceng , and cold vulcanized patch of unique semi-vulcanized layer structure designed to make the fullest repair surface bonding, repair of their own patch of fabric structure design enables easy fracture toughness of high-strength, then with high intensity sk313 sk811 or bonding glue repair, repair parts to ensure that the adhesive strength, and thus damage the conveyor belt has a deeper level of protection.

      Fabric conveyor belt repair of specifications

      1, enhanced repair strip (with fabric layers)

      Repair of 100mm, 150mm repair strip, 220mm repair strip, 300mm repair strip, 400mm repair of

      2, ordinary repair strip (without fabric layer):

      Repair of 100mm, 150mm repair strip, 220mm repair strip, 300mm repair strip, 400mm repair of

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