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German imports of cold-curing glue sk313 plastic drum kits field applications

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      German imports of cold-curing glue sk313 is a roller with rubber plate for special bonding adhesive, the product has a room temperature curing speed, high bonding strength, corrosion resistance, fire retardant, easy operation, namely repair that is used and other characteristics; product is suitable for coal mine under fire, explosion and other special environments.

      Cold curing glue plastic drum kits SK313 field applications

      1 First, the adhesive residue to clean out the drum surface, then use the L1202 grinding machine combines a wire brush on the drum surface grinding out a rough surface no rust points.

      2 with a cleaning brush roller surface mine cleaned, and then use special cleaning agents Yin America for cleaning the drum surface to ensure no residue, wait for it to dry.

      3 metal treatment agents are the brushing roller surface, let it completely dry, with a good proportion to the cold vulcanizing glue SK313 cold curing adhesive surface of the drum evenly brushing again let it dry, then brushing the second time, while the wear-resistant rubber plate on the back (with semi-vulcanized layer) is also uniform brushing again.

      Paste rubber sheet inside the drum surface 4 brushing cold vulcanizing glue SK313 slightly sticky, with a rubber hammer to beat solid rubber plates, to ensure that no air between the sheet and the drum surface. Then use the adhesive junction T2 glue gun to fill the seams, and finally with the rubber sheet rubber knife edge for trimming.

      Yin Mei Special Tips: recommended Yin Meite RAMIMTECH metal primer pre-treatment of metal surfaces to improve adhesion of rubber and metal rollers and reliability of plastic packages.


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