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RAMIMTECH Plant dedicated core rubber conveyor hot vulcanized joints

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      Recently, China Resources Power (Wenzhou) Co., conveyor belt joint construction project was successfully completed, Yin Mei core rubber conveyor belt joint special power plant construction project as a secondary material, quickly and effectively to ensure the smooth completion of the project.

      It is understood that the participation of the thermal power plant conveyor curing joint project material specifications for 0.8mm, 10KG / volume of the plant-specific core rubber conveyor vulcanized joints, the material has a high temperature, strong adhesion, flexibility, stability, overall performance, etc. characteristics, the time of vulcanization can be uniformly distributed in a vulcanizing site conveyor, the conveyor belt to prevent the occurrence of uneven curing of rubber parts, a vulcanizing site to ensure that the conveyor belt to improve the overall strength.

      With  RAMIMTECH joint core special heat curing rubber conveyor belts are widely used, more and more customers into purchasing them, including Xinjiang Guanghui Group, Shanxi flooded coal mine, Huozhou Coal, Kaifeng power plants, coal Xinjiang SureFire electricity and other coal-related businesses with electricity.

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