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Conveyor hot vulcanized joints for mortar

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      RAMIMTECH heat curing mortar joints dedicated thermal curing conveyor is widely used Shenhua, Huaneng, Guanghui other national large-scale energy, power units. Among the on-site construction, Yin Mei special heat curing mortar can significantly improve the adhesive strength conveyor belt joints to ensure curing effect.

      RAMIMTECH heat curing mortar unique technology, apply to ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, etc., using special thermal curing mortar Yin Mei steel cord conveyor belt connector wire is not easy to draw core; layered fabric with vulcanized joints, can significantly enhance the bonding effect joints to ensure the strength of the belt joints.

Thermal curing mortar site operation case

      1 will be stepped ordinary tiered conveyor, handling after the completion of the tungsten steel with angle grinder with grinding disc to be circuitous stepped surface grinding. (Tungsten steel grinding disc benefit is the ability to uniformly polished surface polished, aging, boosting heat curing adhesive strength conveyor belt joints)

      2 The thermal curing mortar evenly brushing conveyor belt joints uncured rubber polished surface and core conveyor belt joint use of surface plastic top. (To ensure uniform thermal curing mortar brushing)

      3 With the temperature vulcanizing machine docking craniofacial be pressurized, (when the temperature reaches 145 ℃, the need for constant temperature 40-45 minutes) after the time arrives, stop heating.

      4 to be dismantled after the cooling vulcanizer vulcanizing machine, rubber conveyor belt joints nylon knife trimming, trimming after curing is completed.

      RAMIMTECH heat curing conveyor required to provide professional import core plastic, rubber surface, thermal curing mortar, repair strip, compaction rollers, partial opening knives, tungsten steel grinding discs and other supporting material tools.

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