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RAMIMTECH Conveyor belt joint case analysis

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      Conveyor belt joints are currently divided into three types of mechanical joints, cold vulcanized joints, hot vulcanized joints. After a long practice test, the application of more hot vulcanized joints, mechanical joints likely to cause the belt to scratch, scratch, etc., cold vulcanized joints is limited to cold vulcanizing glue, once the glue choose well, it will cause the belt joints face gash, cold vulcanized joints influenced by traffic. With hot vulcanized joints are joints conveyor belt vulcanizing machine for heating pressurized way.

      Conveyor curing joint operational processes

      1 at right angles to the conveyor belt joints look good, the belt a first cut into trimming, G-shaped card with a belt fixed.

      2 knife gently glue from 820mm at infinity position of the cutting edge to Sarkozy to break at (820mm and 800mm each light draw knife, be careful not to cut through the first layer of cloth), a knife and gently cut open surface of the rubber, the break at the surface with a rubber clamp tear. Pierced with a knife in the middle of the first layer of cloth at the break, with a release hook bypassed the first layer of cloth, gently draw vertical knife, the surface of the first layer of rubber and cloth tear. Knife gently in 600mm, 400mm, 200mm knife to break at the designated place, followed by a good four minutes tops press process, pay attention to poke cloth and tear in its fabric process can not hurt to lower cloth.

      3 crossed out flat knife edge glue, let stairs with four layers of cloth is almost flat. This connector at the back end of the draw 20mm, torn skin. Polished off with a grinding machine on each floor cloth rubber residues, including joint edges and negative residual gum rubber, careful not to hurt each cloth, then polish dish will take junction polished clean tungsten steel.

After completion of 4 sanding dust and debris belt joints surfaces cleaned.

      5 The table vulcanized board debris clean up the two wedge refers to the lead lap. Re-examination of the center line of two, it was adjusted to a straight line.

      6. conveyor head with RAMIMTECH cleaning agent to clean the brush a wedge that over heat curing agent, attention must be painted a uniform, dry it with a body after a good mark straightened by prior planning, refers to the wedge-shaped cross after compaction lap gently with both hands, to check whether the underlying smooth stretch joints, and heat curing agent to fulfill the joint surface is coated with 2-3 times, the thermal curing agent fully penetrate into the inside of the joint connecting the gap wedge to ensure the wedge tight connection.

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