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Hot Splicing Material for Steelcord Belt

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Steelcord Belt Hot Splicing Material:
steelcord belt cover rubber,steelcord belt intermediate rubber, steelcord heating solution.
They are widely used in mining,industrial,power plant,cement etc.The conveyor belt will be back to work in very shot time and saving the working down time.

Steelcord belt intermediate rubber
Item No.    Width   Thickness      Weight
8111898     500mm      0.8mm       10kg
8111811     500mm      1mm         10kg
8111812     500mm      2mm         10kg
8111813     500mm      3mm         10kg

Steelcord belt cover rubber
Item No.    Width   Thickness     Weight
8111912     500mm      2mm         10kg
8111913     500mm      3mm         10kg
8111915     500mm      5mm         10kg

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