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How to repair conveyor belt with repair strip?

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How to repair conveyor belt with repair strip?

1.First mark the outline of the wound ( damaged parts should be bigger than that ) , and then use the professional angle grinder with moderate Tungsten Carbide Buffing Disc, grinding parts of the wound until the injury site surface showed some curvature , and no protrusions can be.

2. Clean the polished surface , then brush the adhesive , let it dry to slightly sticky , but not attached to the dorsal . If the wound site is too large , you should first use the filler rubber to fill in it..

3. Apply the RAMIMTECH Sk811 Cold adhesive on the belt wound parts and repair strip.Use roller stitcher to compact the repaired part to flat and discharge bubbles.

RAMIMTECH repair strip can be to repair belt longitudinal tear , long distance conveyor scratch , scratch repair through and edge wear and sealing of lap belts seamless cold treatment.etc.

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