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Hot vulcanizing cement SK823

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Hot vulcanizing cement SK823,which is one latest model of hot vulcanizing cement. Basing on the original technical,SK823 is made by introducing of advanced technology.

Through the test of conveyor belt hot vulcanizing,RAMIMTECH's engineer get the result, SK823's bonding strength exceed 9% compared with the previous product and the vulcanizing performance was significantly improved.

Sk823 is high temperature resistant, water-tolerant, oil resisitant, anti-aging, self-extinguishing and highly bonding strength and with other features etc.

Hot vulcanizing cement SK823 is fit for daily splicing many kinds of heavy duty conveyor belt. Common used in splicing fabric ply belt, steel cord conveyorbelt. Shear strength can reach 99(MPa) after vulcanizing.

Hot vulcanizing cement SK823:
Technical data and specification:
Active substances ≥: 99.8 (%)
At room temperature, shelf life is 12 months,1kg /Can, 10kg /box. The Packing is safe, reliable and easy to transport and storage.

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