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Conveyor belt repair adhesive SK313

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conveyor belt repair adhesive SK313

Conveyor belt repair adhesive SK313 is for bonding metel to rubber, rubber to rubber , fabrci to rubber, fabric to fabric and fabric to metal.Applying to flied of conveyor belt repair , pulley lagging and conveyor belt cold vulcanizing joint etc.

Conveyor belt repair adhesive SK313 have been approved by underground safety is not flammable, consisting of 1kg adhesive and 100g hardener.Belt repair glue can resistant temperature of 140 centigrade. Mixed it by the ratio of 10:1, 1 kg adhesive with 100g hardener. Kindly note the mixture must be used within 1 hours.

On site repair method of conveyor belt part damage:

1. Roughting conveyor belt by tungsten carbide buffing disc, clean buffing dust by brush, if necessary,clean it by Cleaning fluid to get a deeper cleaner.

2.Mixing Sk313 adhesive with hardener by the ratio of 10:1 (1kg sk313 with 100g hardener),fully stiring it well.kindly note mixture must be used within 1 hour,in case of the hardening losing efficacy.

3.Applying two thin coats on each bonding surface, repair stirps with CN bonding layer needn't apply the first cost.the first coat must be dried completely,and reach the degree of not stick finger back. while the second coat is dried until it is slightly tacky (check with the back of finger),it is time to bonding the surface.
Note that if the second coat is overdrying, apply another coat.

4.Put the repair strip onto the repair surface,avoiding air inclusions. Press on and Stitcher on firmly.

Conveyor belt repair adhesive Sk313 is widly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Europe countries.

It have gotten high reputation among users such as power plant, coal mine, steel mills and port.

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