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The Usage of hot vulcanization glue SK823

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 the usage of hot vulcanization glue SK823


Hot Vulcanization Glue SK823, which is a high performance vulcanization glue, applied in the area of Nylon, polyester, canvas and steel cord conveyor belt hot joints, whose excellent bonding strength that far more exceed Germany most strict DIN industrial standards, also can fulfill the application of Power, Coal, Mine and port plants.

Conveyor belt hot vulcanization Glue SK823 that can remarkably enhance the stickiness between intermediate rubber, cover rubber and conveyor belt, also enhance the bonding strength of joint part of conveyor belt.

How to use the hot vulcanization glue SK823 in the joints of fabric nylon conveyor belt?

Because of special structure of fabric nylon conveyor belt, we have to layered dispose the conveyor belt to ladder shaped, then use the Tungsten Carbide buffing disc to polish the residue glue. Maybe somebody will say that we don’t have to use the Tungsten Carbide buffing disc, but directly use the steel brush, but we have to say, because our disc has special abrasive structure that can make the buffing to the right point, never excessive buffing, then well-distributed hot vulcanization glue with brush and spread tie gum on the surface of conveyor belt, then combine it with the other side of conveyor belt. More details I will not mention them one by one, handling the sealing parts, brushing hot vulcanization glue and pasting little cover rubber that make sure the jointing part entirety even, and vulcanize with vulcanizing machine.

How to use hot vulcanization glue Sk823 in steel cord conveyor belt joints?

Peeling off rubber from Steel cord conveyor belt (completely clean the rubber), then brush the vulcanization glue well-distributively, spread tie gum on the surface of cover rubber who has brushed the glue already, arrange the wire uniformly(can choose jointing grades according to the ST strength), then spread the tie gum, cover rubber who have brushed the glue on the surface of wire, following, lay the vulcanization panel on its surface, and With the help of vulcanizing machine that realize the high temperature, high pressure vulcanization.

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