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Conveyor belt cold vulcanizing bonding repair materials

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 Conveyor belt cold vulcanizing bonding repair materials


There are three kinds Ramimtech conveyor belt cold vulcanizing bonding repair materials:cold vulcanizing adhesiveSK313, repair strip, repair patch.Mainly apply to repair damage to conveyor belt such as tears ,scratches etc. Can meet the request of daily repair work in Coal mines, power plants, ports,steel enterprises etc.

Should we choose repair stirp or repair patch in daily repair?

Repair strip have two kinds: common repair strip , reinforced repair stirp with fabric layer.
It have one coat CN bonding layer on back side.using together with cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313, CN layer will produce vulcanizing reaction with bonding surface, improving bonding strength with conveyor belt.
Repair stirp is mainly used for repairing long distance scratches, tears,and wears etc.

Repair patch also have two kinds:common repair patch, reinforced repair patch with fabric layer. with specail structure design of "thicker center and thiner edges", it is much more suitable for repairing part damages to propect the repaired part from being scratched by scratcher.Same as repair strip, it have CN bonding layer on back side.using together with cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313,it will have vulcanizing reaction. mainly used for repairing conveyor belt part damages, belt surface rubber wears.

Cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313 is a Multipurpose special binder. can be used for bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fiber, fabric to fabric etc. Its excellent bonding strength can reach to level of hot vulcanization.
Applying to conveyor belt repair , conveyor belt cold joint, pulley lagging , Vibrating screen rubber lining, pipe lining, hopper rubber lining etc.

Conveyor belt cold vulcanizing bonding repair materials--operate method of repair strip.

Buffing-Before bonding damaged area of conveyor belt , need use L1202 angle grinder to roughten it fully. after buffing, clean the buffing disc to ensure a clean surface.
Brushing-Mix cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313 with hardener by ratio 10:1,stiring it well. Brush the mixed adhesive both on the buffing part and Repair strip CN boning layer side. Wait approx.20 minutes,let the first coating dry completely,then brush the second coat, when the second coat is slightly tacky, bonding both surface quickly.
Bonding- After bonding, use roller stitcher to press out air inclusions.
Effect-Bonding firmly,repair strip and damaged part will be bonded to form one whole part.

Features of Ramimtech Conveyor belt cold vulcanizing bonding repair materials: and non-flammable,working temperature can reach 90 centigrade , applying to under ground or on ground works in Coal Mine.
2.easy to operate. work with simple tools , no need of any large vulcaning equipment.
3.can be back to work soon after repair. when make emergency repair, can save time .Downtime is short.

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