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Pulley lagging materials

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 pulley lagging materials

RAMIMTECH-Pulley lagging materials, consist of wear resistant rubber sheet with CN bongding layer,clean solvent-SK353,matal primer-SK363 and cold vulcanizing adhesive-SK313.If use RAMIMTECH cold vulcanized bonding system,it will realize perfact bonding between wear resistant rubber sheet and the surface metal of roller.

Instruction of technical features for RAMIMTECH pulley lagging materials:

Cold vulcanizing adhesive-SK313:
Can be used under any extreme environments.
Realize bonding between roller and rubber sheet with CN layer.
Meet the various request from coal Mine(ground and underground),power plant,cement,Mine and Port.
Pulley lagging with cold vulcanizing procedure,the pulley needn't be disassembled.
Wear resistant rubber sheet: Abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility.
Its back CN bonding layer can be used with SK313 cold vulcanizing adhesive at the room temperature.
The cold vulcanizing process happens and the bonding strength exceed traditional casting plastic for several times. Excellent bonding strength and curing speed can not be matched.
Clean solvent-3K363, non-flammable,is used to clean the surface of metal roller and surface oil of wear resistant rubber sheet.It's more better for the cold vulcanized bonding.
Metal primer-3K363,it's used for the pretread for wear resisitant rubber,as a transitional role, matal primmer-3K363 can significantly enhance the strength between wear-resistant rubber sheet and rollers,thus to improve the strength pulley lagging.

Application Process or RAMIMTECH pulley lagging materials:
1.Roller surface treatment:Remove the rubber remained on the roller surface. Grinding the surface of roller until there is no corrosion point and rough.

2.Cleaning the surface of roller: Clean the surface with cleaning brush. Ensuring there is no corrosion points and stains. At last, Keep the surface of roller dry.

3.Apply metal primer: Apply the metal primer SK363 uniformly on the surface of the roller,and ensure that the solution is completely dry.

4.Applying cold vulcanizing adhesive: Mixing cold vulcanizing SK313 A and B as the ratio of 10:1. Apply the first pass uniformly on the surface of the roller, and apply the second pass after the first coating is complete dry. at the same time,applying the mixed adhesive on the CN bonding layer, and start to apply the rubber sheet on the roller when both of them are little sticked.(applying adhesive one time on the surface of CN bonding layer).

5.Applying rubber sheet: Applying the wear-resistant rubber sheet along with one side,using the hand roller and rubber mallet to compact so as to ensure that there is no bubble on the surface of bonding layer.

6.Filling seams: Use T2 extruder to fill seams, then use the hand roller to roll on the surface.

7.Correction edge: Use tools to cut or buff the edge, keep the edge of the pulley is neat.

RAMIMTECH pulley lagging materials is fit for cold vulcanizing.Comparing with hot vulcanized pulley lagging, the operation of cold vulcanized pulley lagging is more sample and do not need to remove the pulley. Traditional hot vulcanized pulley lagging contains more higher sulfur.while hot vulcanizng, rubber will be aging easily and do not wear-resistant due to the unenough pressure control. RAMIMTECH pulley cold vulcanized pulley lagging materials is more wear-resistant and longer lifetime than hot vulcanized lagging materials.

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