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The best glue for bonding conveyor belt

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Which kind of glue is better for bonding conveyor belt? Before answering this question, we should consider the materials of conveyor belt, at present, conveyor belts can be divided into three kinds, fabric conveyor belt(nylon, canvas, polyester), ST steel cord conveyor belt and PVG/PVC whole core fire retardant conveyor belt.

Because of the differences of materials, the adhesives are different, thus we should clear the materials that will make sure the right glue can be used.

We should use SK811 bonding fabric conveyor belt(nylon, canvas, polyester) and ST steel cord conveyor belt.

Ramimtech cold vulcanization adhesive SK811, which is widely used in china and used in the area of strongly bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fabric and fabric to fabric, whose excellent bonding strength that far more exceed Germany DIN standards, whose bonding strength equals to large scale vulcanizing machine. Sk811 glue will represent the advanced bonding technology whenever in repairing of conveyor belt, cold vulcanization seamless jointing and pulley lagging joints.

The Advantages of Cold vulcanization adhesive SK811
1. Safe and nonflammable, applicable for coal mine, which can realize the easy bonding under extreme harsh environment.
2. Once repaired will use immediately, suitable for emergency repair, reduce machine halt and loss.
3.Easy operation, no needing for any large scale vulcanizing machine, easy operating and work.
4. Long guarantee period, 4 years long, far more exceed other similar products.
5. High bonding strength, excellent bonding strength, far more exceed Germany DIN standards.

What will use for bonding PVC/PVG conveyor belt? PVC/PVG adhesive
The advantages for PVC/PVG conveyor belt is high tear strength and nonflammable, so when choose the adhesive, it will be different to other conveyor belts, PVC/PVG adhesive is a kind of high performance, nonflammable glue which specially for whole core nonflammable conveyor belt, double component, easily applicable for PVC/PVG conveyor belt cold joints, cold repair and gentle PVC items repair and bonding.

So which brand adhesive is better for bonding conveyor belt? Pls choose Rammitech, Ramimtech concentrate on conveyor belt cold bonding, conveyor belt hot vulcanization joints and pulley lagging, which can provide the best products and services to coal mine plant, power plant, port, steel and coal plant.

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