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Pulley lagging wear resistant rubber sheet

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 pulley lagging wear resistant rubber sheet


Ramimtech pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet is made of high quality natural wear-resistant rubber and CN bonding layer.mainly used in pulley laggingof conveyor belt drive drum,also can be used as rubber lining in materials handing field,storage silo and chute etc.

Ramimtech pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet is of special CN bonding layer which can bonding drum to rubber sheet fast and easily.

The major different between Ramimtech wear-resistant rubber sheet and traditional rubber sheet is the special CN bonding layer,CN bonding layer be used together with cold vulcanizng glue SK313 .it will occur cold vulcanizing reaction and high bonding strength will be gotten between rubber sheet and lagging drum metal surface,this will made rubber sheet to be sticked on drum surface firmly and reach perfect bonding effect between rubber sheet and drum metal surface.

Ramimtech pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet technical parameters:
polymer: NR/IR/SBR
specific gravity: 1.10gcm3
hardness: 60±5 Shore A
wearing coefficient: 80mm3AT 10N
tensile strength: 400%MIN
colour: black

Ramimtech pulley lagging rubber sheet is super wear resistant. it will increase service cycle of pulley lagging.rubber sheet adopt natural wear-resistant rubber, with special technic, to ensure the extremely excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength of itself.

Numerous test around the world have proved that wear-resistant rubber sheet can work quickly and efficiently in very hostile environment.with super wear resistance and Corrosion resistance, rubber sheet can significantly extend the conveyor belt device servive time, reduce the repair down time, saving material and labor cost.

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