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Using methord of repair strip

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using method of repair strip

Conveyor belt is easy to be damaged while handing the materials.If the small damage is not repaired in time, it will cause large damage and endanger the normal production. How to do after damaged? I will introduce how to use the repair strip to repair the conveyor belt and the using method.

Repair strip-special conveyor belt repair materials, which is used to repair long scratch,belt edge wounded,rubber layer damage, cold vulcanizing joint and bonding for conveyor belt.

CN bonding layer is on the back of the repair strip, cold vulcanizing bonding will occur while CN bonding layer meet cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313,and it will enhance the bonding strength.At the front side of the repair strip,there contains one reinforced fabric layer. This layer can improve tensile,wear resistant,and heat resistant.

Using methord of repair strip(Please choose RAMIMTECH 150MM repair strip)

1.Buffing the damaged surface: Mark the wounded,and the marked size should be larger than damaged size.And then use angle grinder with tungsten carbide buffing disc to buff the wounded part,until the wounded part presents a radians, and no projections.
2.Cleaning the damaged surface: Use brush to clean the damaged surface, then use the clean solvent to clean it and let it dry.
3.Applying the adhesive: Apply the first pass uniformly on the wounded surface and let it fully dry,then apply the second pass on the wounded surface. at the same time,applying the adhesive on the CN bonding layer of the repair strip, and be ready to apply repair strip on the wounded when both of them are little sticked.
4.Apply the repair strip: Begin to apply the repair strip along with the wounded and prevent air from entering. Use the hand roller to roll and press, so as to exhaust the air from the repair surface and compact it.

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