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Ramimtech repair strip

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Ramimtech repair strip,which applies cold vulcanization bonding system, used for repair of conveyor belt longitudinal rip, long distance scratching, penetrating and partly damaged.

Ramimtech repair strip applies unique industrial design, whose bonding area contains semi-cured layer, joints together with Sk313 cold vulcanization glue, which will realize super bonding strength to conveyor belt. The front part of repair strip is fabric reinforced surface, which can reduce the impact force of ore to the conveyor repair parts, ensure the abrasion resistance of repair parts.

Dimensions of Ramimtech repair strip:
Reinforced repair strip(with fabric layer)
100mm repair strip, 150mm repair strip, 200mm repair strip,300mm repair strip,400mm repair strip
Usual repair strip( without fabric layer)
100mm repair strip, 150mm repair strip, 200mm repair strip, 300mm repair strip, 400mm repair strip

Using methods of Ramimtech repair strip
Polish damaged parts: sign the area of damaged parts, it should be bigger than damaged parts, then use L1202 angle grinder and Tungsten carbide buffing disc(K23,125mm) to polish the damaged parts until it presents a certain of radian and no protruding.
Clean damaged parts: brush the buffing surface completely, use cleaning solvent to deep clean the surface and wait it dry.
Brush glue: brush the damaged parts with sk313 cold vulcanization glue, and wait it completely dry, then brush the second time SK313, also brush the semi-cured surface of the repair strip with SK313, when they all begin to dry (when it not stick to the back of fingers), you can start to joint.
Combine repair strip: combine the damaged parts with repair strip bonding parts, while combining, avoid air entering, when finish combining, use the compact roller to press it from inside to outside, discharge air from repair parts and compaction.

Characteristics of Ramimtech repair strip:
Repair strip with semi-cured layer, which can enhance the bonding strength with conveyor belts.
Repair strip with fabric reinforced layer, which can enhance its abrasion resistance.
Repair strip with easy operation, while repairing can use it immediately, which can reduce machine halt and save time.

 Ramimtech repair strip

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