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How do you distinguish between cold vulcanizing glue and hot vulcanizing solution?

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Believe that many people had the same confusion, what is belt vulcanizing adhesive? What are the specifics? cold vulcanizing or hot vulcanizing?
Let me briefly introduce conveyor belt before answering this question.
There are three kinds of conveyor belt: Nylon fabric conveyor belt,ST steel cord conveyor belt,Flame retardant PVC whole core conveyer belt.
Nylon fabric conveyor belt: There is one layer nylon canvas in conveyor belt .be called NN for short. Steel cord conveyor belt: There are steel cords through the whole conveyor belt . be called ST for short.
PVC whole core conveyer belt: The whole belt core is make of PVC by vulcanizing. be called PVC for short.
What is conveyor belt cold vulcanizing glue?
Conveyor belt cold vulcanizing glue SK313(1kg adhesive+100g hardener). repair strip, repari patch.
Ramimtech cold vulcanizing glue SK313 applying to bonding rubber to rubber , rubber to metal , rubber to fabric, fabric to fabric.
Cold vulcanizing glue SK313 is for cold jointing ,repairing and bonding of Nylon fabric and steel cored conveyor belt. also can be used in pulley lagging field.
What is conveyor belt hot vulcanizing solution?
conveyor belt hot vulcanizing materials include uncured intermediate rubber , uncured cover rubber, hot vulcanizing solution SK823.
Conveyor belt hot vulcanzing means that uncured intermediate rubber,cover rubber and heating solution will form a joint or repair of conveyor belt by pressing and heating from vulcanizing press machine.
Above all,There are two kinds conveyor belt vulcanizing adhesive:cold vulcanizing and hot vulcanizing adhesive, conveyor belt cold adhesive is for repair and joint by cold vulcanizing method. hot vulcanizing adhesive is for hot repair and jointing by vulcanizing press.

 cold vulcanizing glue and hot vulcanizing solution

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