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The Models of Ramimtech Repair Strip

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The Models of Ramimtech Repair Strip



Which kind of repair strips Ramimtech have? Usual repair strip and reinforced repair strip, so what are their differences? with this question, we will prepare some information that make you know more about Ramimtech repair strip.

Which kind of repair strips Ramimtech have?

Usual repair strip and reinforced repair strip, their differences on fabric layer, obviously, reinforced repair strip contains fabric line, but usual repair strip doesn’t have.

Usual Repair strip
3111310 Usual Repair strip roll 2.2mm*100mm*10000mm
3111315 Usual Repair strip roll 3.2mm*150mm*10000mm
3111322 Usual Repair strip roll 3.2mm*220mm*10000mm
3111330 Usual Repair strip roll 3.4mm*300mm*10000mm
3111340 Usual Repair strip roll 3.4mm*400mm*10000mm
Reinforced Repair strip
3111410 Reinforced Repair strip roll 3.6mm*100mm*10000mm
3111415 Reinforced Repair strip roll 4.6mm*150mm*10000mm
3111422 Reinforced Repair strip roll 4.6mm*220mm*10000mm
3111430 Reinforced Repair strip roll 4.8mm*300mm*10000mm
3111440 Reinforced Repair strip roll 4.8mm*400mm*10000mm

What are the differences between reinforced repair strip and usual repair strip? We have give you answers above, the difference is fabric layer. Standard repair strip not contains fabric layer, reinforced repair strip contains semi-cured layer.
Reinforced repair strip is tension proof , abrasion resistance and shock resistance from materials, through they have the same models, but the thickness is significant different, for example, the thickness of 100mm reinforced repair strip is different from 100mm usual repair strip, the thickness of reinforced repair strip is 3.6mm, however, usual 100mm repair strip is 2.2mm. Maybe you would have another question, after finishing jointing, does reinforced repair strip can easily get through the sweeper? Of course the answer is yes, Ramimtech repair strip applies special structure handling, high in the middle, low surroundings, thus can easily get through the sweeper.

Ramimtech repair strip take with cold vulcanization glue Sk313, can be used for repairing of conveyor belt longitudinal tear, part damage and scratching. Also can be used as seal handling of cold vulcanizing joints. It is easy operation, flexible, after repairing can be used immediately, which can fulfill the daily conveyor belt repair from Power Plant, Coal mine, Ports and ore industry and so on.

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