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Pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet (diamond pattern)

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Yinmeite pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet(diamond pattern) apply to conveying system drive drum pulley lagging in Power plant, coal mines, cement plants, mines, ports.Pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet(diamond pattern)‘s wear-resistance side is Ramimtech super wear-resistant rubber ,which is with features of high tensile strength and high wear-resistant. Its back side is BL bonding layer.BL bonding layer will occur vulcanizing reaction with cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313 when do pulley lagging,which will make high bonding strength between rubber sheet and drum metal surface.

Diamond pattern in Pulley lagging wear-resistant rubber sheet is made as follow:



Image 1. Before carving wear-resistant rubber sheet, need mark the distance which is with proportional to diamond pattern.
Fix steel ruler as the confirmed size. Grooving with groover’s handle is along steel ruler.

Image2. When using Rubber cutter, make its handle against steel ruler, caving slowly. Note hold the direction of regroover,avoiding Cutter head deviating from steel ruler.


Image3. Take out rubber strips from carved slot when complete one regrooving from the beginning edge to the end edge of rubber sheet.
Carving the following rubber sheet as above method.

Image 4. Carving the remaining crossing slot one by one .you will see diamond pattern on rubber sheet gradually.

Image 5. Pulling rubber cutter until the whole wear-resistant rubber sheet be carved.

Image 6. Clean the slots. You will see weat-resistant rubber sheet with diamond pattern clearly as above image.

Yinmeite pulley lagging rubber sheet not only has excellent abrasion resistance ,but also has very good elasticity.
The breaking elongation reaches 400% Min.Breaking strength is as high as 17mn/m2.

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