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The best adhesive for conveyor belt

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Which kind of adhesive is better for splicing conveyor belt?For this question, I think it's better to choose one famous brand and reliable quality rubber belt adhesive.May be you will ask, there are so many kinds of rubber belt adhesive, imported product and domestic product, how to choose? Actually,good rubber belt adhesive is not difficult to find, the difficulty is to find one brand which is stable performance and high bonding strength.

We recommended: RAMIMTECH SK811, it's special adhesive for conveyor belt and pulley lagging.It has been used in Huarun Power plant,Shendong,Zhonglv,Tianjing Port,Guanghui,Huaneng etc well-Known Chinese enterprises.

Application fields:

SK811 rubber belt adhesive with hardener after mixed, it's fit for bonding rubber to rubber,rubber to fabric and fabric to fabric.Specially it's fit for bonding repair strip,diamond patch,cover repair rubber and pulley lagging rubber sheet which contains one ply of CN bongding layer.

Rubber belt splicing:

1.Use tungsten carbide buffing disc to buff the damaged part and then clean the surface.
2.Mix cold vulcanizing adhesive SK811-Awith hardener SK811-B,stir uniform,and then apply it on the buffed surface.
3.Apply the second pass on the wounded surface until the first pass is fully dry. at the same time,applying the adhesive on the CN bonding layer, and be ready to apply the wounded when both of them are little sticked.
4.Use the hand roller to roll and press, so as to exhaust the air from the splicing surface.
Interval time
The interval time of SK811 cold vulcanizing adhesive is depended on internal or external environment temperature and humidity.
Drying time after mixed(For reference purposes only)
Cooling down the normal temperature(15-30℃): 35-30 Minutes
High temperature(≥30℃):25-20 Minutes
Finger-back test: Before bonding with your fingers back to test again, and if the adhesive is slightly sticky, you can determine the best bonding time.

Special attention:

SK811 cold vulcanizing adhesive with hardener, after mixing it must be used in three hours. If the adhesive is increasingly thick, then discontinue use.

 The best adhesive for conveyor belt

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