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Conveyor belt jointing and repairing materials

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When mentioned about conveyor belt, many people will think about conveying materiel, ore, coal or etc, conveyor belt plays an important role in daily industrial production, thus enhance people’s efficiency, but along with the overload transportation and the equipment installation problem, cause different extent damage to conveyor belt, even endanger the production or safety.

Traditional conveyor belt repair ways are outmoded, such as belt buckle, wire bundle and so on, “ if not affect the normal operating, bundle them casually”, this is the traditional idea to conveyor belt repair, but when accompany with conveyor belt surface damage, longitudinal rip, it will be even worse, while conveying, it appears lateral leakage, maybe the conveyor belt breaks and endanger the production safety and availability.

Let us give you an example, our company (ramimtech went to Sichuan and did the repairing of conveyor belt.

For our client’s request, we did conveyor belt repairing for a large scale state owned aluminium ore enterprise, in fact, our stuff have make full consideration for all problems, such as cold vulcanization repair, hot vulcanization repair and so on, but when we reach the site, we have faced all the problems that can reach, it is really a hard work for our stuff, conveyor belt was bundled tightly by wires, some damaged parts were screwed on, whatever, what kinds of problems that you can think, here you will see.

There is no other methods, we have to combine cold vulcanization and hot vulcanization together, after 10 days’ fighting, we finished this construction work, however, the process is very awful, but the reward is high, more than 10 thousand RMB.

From this construction work, it proves that we should periodically maintain our conveyor belt, even small repair, we should find a good way, not use the traditional methods, or it will damage the conveyor belt twice.

Since we have mentioned the traditional repair, also we will talk about the new repair technology- Rammimtech conveyor belt cold vulcanization repair.

Conveyor belt jointing and repair materials

Above photo is conveyor belt part repair material, repair patches and cold vulcanization glue Sk313, repair patches apply diamond design, the special industrial design that has the characteristics of “ middle high, surroundings low”, thus can avoid secondly repair from sweeper. The back side of repair patch is designed by BL coat, and react with cold vulcanization glue SK313, thus it will tightly combine with the side of conveyor belt.

Above is the application on conveyor belt repairing, pls notice that repair patch has limitation, just suitable for partly damages of conveyor belt, repair patches contain 3 dimensions, 160mm*130mm, 260mm*200mm and 360mm*270mm, they have two kinds of thickness, separately 2.4mm and 3.8mm, when choose repair patches, pls consider well.

Conveyor belt jointing and repair materials

Above photo is long distance repair materials for conveyor belt, repair strip and cold vulcanization glue Sk313, obviously, the differences between repair strip and repair patch is that repair strip is for long distance scratching and tear, at present it has 4 dimensions, 100mm, 150mm, 220mm, 300mm and 400mm, each length is 10000mm, just the thickness is different, also repair strip is “middle high, surroundings low”, whose backside is also applied with BL coat, can vulcanize with Sk313 glue, thus enhance the bonding strength.

So much of above, we will talk about sk313 glue, which is a high bonding strength glue that far more exceed Germany Industrial DIN standard, mainly for jointing rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fabric, fabric to fabric, used for conveyor belt repair, conveyor belt cold vulcanization joints and pulley lagging, suitable for any extreme surroundings.

Above is Ramimtech conveyor belt cold vulcanization repair system, thus can realize conveyor belt cold vulcanization repair, not only save time, also after repair can use it immediately, will not cause secondly burden to conveyor belt, thus can enhance productivity and usage time, realize the real benefit to enterprises.

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