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Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber

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Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber apply to power plant, core mine , port, cement plant which use conveyor belt frequently.
In these industries, from the early installation to the later maintenance,uncured intermediate rubber always can be used.
Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber applying to conveyor belt hot splicing and conveyor belt hot repair.
Uncured intermediate rubber mainly used for fabric or steel cored these two kinds conveyor belt.
Fabric conveyor belt hot vulcanizing joint mainly use 0.8mm 1mm thickness uncured intermediate rubber and steel cored conveyor belt use 1mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm uncured intermediate which can be choosed according to conveyor belt strength.
Using together with uncured cover rubber, uncured intermediate rubber will be heated and vulcanized by vulcanizing machine.


Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber

Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber
Conveyor belt part damages repair also can choose Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber.
You can fill damages parts in conveyor belt firstly before vulcanizing,then do conveyor belt hot vulanizing. The damages part will be repaired well as same as the original belt.
Sizes of Fabric conveyor belt Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber
Item No. Width  Thickness Weight
8111888  500mm    0.8mm    10kg
8111801  500mm     1mm     10kg
8111802  500mm     2mm     10kg
8111803  500mm     3mm     10kg
Sizes of Steel cored conveyor belt Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber
Item No. Width  Thickness Weight
8111811  500mm     1mm     10kg
8111812  500mm     2mm     10kg
8111813  500mm     3mm     10kg
   Fabric conveyor belt Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber can enhance the adhesion strength of fabric layer conveyor belt greatly and improve tensile strength of fabric core. Steel cored conveyor belt Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber can suitable for all different strength steel cored conveyor belt.
After high temperature and pressure by vulcanizing press, it can form high strength bonding layer which can ensure steel wire wouldn't loss adhesion with belt body in jointing point. Repaired part and conveyor belt will be formed a whole combination.

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