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Hot vulcanizing solution

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Hot Vulcanizing Solution is specially used for conveyor belt splicing joint. It's widely used in national energy and power plant. Hot vulcanizing solution can enhance the bonding strength of the splicing joint observably.

RAMIMTECH hot vulcanizing solution is manufactured with unique technology,all kinds of PH reach the top level.The product performance is better than the domestic similar products.If using RAMIMTECH hot vulcanizing solution,the steelcords are not pulled out easily from the steelcord belt body.It will enhance the bonding strength of fabric belt splicing joint observably.

On-site operation of hot vulcanizing solution for fabric belt in Da Liuta:

1.Strip the fabric belt as steps pattern,circuitous grinding the surface with angel grinder and tungsten carbid grinding disc.(Tungsten carbid grinding disc's advantage is: that will polish the surface uniform, not aging,and enhance bonding strength of conveyor belt hot vulcanizing joint.)

2.Apply the hot vulcanizing solution on the surface of grinded part, uncured cover rubber and intermediate rubber.(Ensure hot vulcanizing solution is applied uniform.)

3.By high temperature & pressure's vulcanizing,(It will take 40~45 mins to reach at the temperature of 145℃)when time is out,it will stop heating.

4.Remove the vulcanizing press after the temperature cool down. Use the rubber knife to repair the vulcanizing joint.
Hot vulcanizing solution is widely used in Shen Hua, Hua Neng, Guang Hui etc domestic huge enterprise of energy,power plant. And the products is trusted by customers.

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