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Heat-resistant vulcanizing tie gum

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Heat-resistant vulcanizing tie gum,manufactured by RAMIMTECH, is made by special fire-resistant materials,and heating resistant temperature is up to 180℃. It's widely used for conveyor belt hot vulcanizing in power plant,coal,chemical industry,cement,metallurgy and other fields.

Tie gum can be spread uniform around the splice after high pressure and temperature,so as to enhance the splice bonding strength. Special fire resistant materials ensure super perfermance of heat-resistant. After vulcanizing,tie gum and conveyor belt will become to one body and improve the tensile strength.Time saving-Conveyor can start to work once vulcanizing finished.
Depending on customer's different reqeust, RAMIMTECH can produce different specification of conveyor belt tie gum and cover rubber,they are abrasive resistant,anti aging,heat resistant,highly tensile strength and have other features to meet the request from different customers.

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