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Uncured Intermediate Rubber

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Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber applied unique technology that make sure the quality of conveyor belt joints, which widely used in the area of steel cord conveyor belt and fabric conveyor belt hot vulcanization jointing.

Uncured intermediate rubber vulcanized by vulcanizing machine through high temperature and high pressure , while vulcanizing, the core rubber can resolve the surroundings of steel cord conveyor belt uniformly and come into being the high bonding strength, which make sure the the core not easily lossening from steel cord wire, uncured intermediate rubber applied natural rubber material that make sure the conveyor belt has super self adhesion and stretch strength after vulcanization, thus make sure the joints quality and enhance the conveyor belt efficiency.

Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber have stable performance, high bonding strength, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and abrasion resistance, which widely used in the area of mines plant, power plant, coal industry, port, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Item No.       Item Name      Width    Thickness  Weight
8111898  uncured core rubber   500mm    0.8mm      10kg
8111811  uncured core rubber   500mm    1mm        10kg
8111812  uncured core rubber   500mm    2mm        10kg
8111813  uncured core rubber   500mm    3mm        10kg

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