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Pulley Lagging Construction For Power Plant in Ping Ding Shan

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Recently, Ramimtech, we went to a power plant for pulley lagging construction, our engineer applied cold vulcanization technology to realize the cold vulcanizing pulley lagging, joint rubber and roller metal surface through cold splicing cement SK313.

Pulley Lagging Construction-Grinding the Metal Surface

This pictures showed, our engineer was grinding the roller metal surface deeply, we must clean the metal surface that make sure there was no impurify, after it, we must clean the metal surface with cleaning solvent.

Pulley Lagging Construction-Brush Cold Vulcanizing Cement SK313

This pictures showed, our engineer was brushing cold vulcanization cement sk313, pls note that brush a coat of SK363 metal primer before brushing Sk313, this is to enhance the bonding strength between metal surface and rubber sheet.

Pulley Lagging Construction-Combining Rubber Sheet

This pictures showed, we can clearly find the adhesion reaction between the metal surface and rubber sheet, rubber sheet had tightly combined to roller surface.

Pulley Lagging Construction-Finishing Pulley Lagging

This pictures showed, our pulley lagging construction was over, this diamond pattern on rubber sheet can be clearly recognized, rubber sheet tightly combined on the roller surface, then you can start up and use it.

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