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PVC flame-resistant conveyor belt jointing in one quarry in Henan province

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Ramimtech service team go to one quarry in henan province to do splicing joint of whole core flame retardant PVC conveyor belt.
Service team use vulcanizing press to do hot joint of PVC whole core flame resistance conveyor belt.

It is said that the factory need to change all conveyor belt production line.
Total six conveyor belts. The width of conveyor belt have two kinds:1200mm ,1600mm . With six belt jointing points, the jointing is now being carried out.



Image 1, Ramimtech service team apply“gear“pattern vulcanizing method by multi-steps. Image is workers were cutting conveyor belt into multiplies in “gear”pattern.



Image2, Using angle grinder with tungsten carbide buffing disc , Ramimtech service team was deeply buffing belt part which will be jointed of the whole core PVC flame resistance conveyor belt,which have been cutted into multiplies.


Image3, Ramimtech service team was laying vulcanizing plate on the belt part that will be jointed of PVC whole core flame resistant conveyor belt , which already have been cutted,crossed and applied cover rubber.


Image4, Ramimtech service team was tirmming belt edge and cutting out excess rubber of vulcanized PVC whole core flame resistance conveyor blet.


Image5. After vulcanizing of PVC whole core flame resistance conveyor belt , Ramimtech service team was disassembling vulcanizing press machine. Now the conveyor belt can do normal materials transportation.

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