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Pulley lagging rubber sheet

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RAMIMTECH Pulley lagging rubber sheet is one of the best of rubber sheet in the world.Its excellent Anti-abbrasion beyond other rubber sheet. It can be suitable for all kinds of extreme environments all over the world,meet the need of drive roller, vibrating feeders, chutes, storage warehouse and material transfer points and other lagging.


RAMIMTECH pulley lagging rubber sheet
1.Protection of metal surfaces do not adhere to the roller transport materials deviation.
2.Increase the coefficient of sliding friction, thereby reducing slippage between the roller and the conveyor belt.
3.Protect metal surfaces from wear and drum corrosion.
4.Semi-vulcanized layer on the back of the rubber layer structure, enhanced bonding strength.
Pulley lagging rubber sheet and cold vulcanizing adhesive SK811 Operation
RAMIMTECH maintenance workers are applying cold vulcanizing adhesive on the surface of the roller(picture)


1.Using cleaning slovent to clean the Semi-vulcanized layer of the pulley lagging rubber sheet.
2.Using L1202 angle grinder to polish and clean the roller surface, make sure the metal surface without any residue, and then use cleaning agents to remove metal impurities on the surface.
3.Applying on layer of metal primer SK363 on the roller surface, and wait it completely dry.
4.Mix and stir cold vulcanizing adhesive and hardener with the ratio of 100: 4 ratio (ie 1 kg SK811-A with 100 grams sk811-B hardener).
5. Applying Cold vulcanizing adhesive SK811 on the surface of the roller,the first layer must be completely dry (25-30 minutes), and no longer attach the finger back. and the second layer adhesive should be applied on the semi-vulcanized layer of rubber sheet, and start to adhere when the surface is a little sticky.
Note: The combination of two surfaces stick together, avoiding air bubbles, and should be tightly fitting and compacted.
When Using Pulley lagging rubber sheet and cold vulcanizing adhesive SK811,vulcanizing reaction occurs.
the rubber plate firmly bonded on metal surface of the roller, the technical operator does not need to disassemble the roller, and reduce the strength of worker sand save conveyor belt downtime.
Ramimtech (China) specializes in the maintenance and protection of mining conveyor system .The world's most efficient products and advanced technology solutions help power plants, steel plant, coking plants, cement plants, silos, mines, docks, subway and other industries, to extend the life of conveyor systems and reduce costs of conveyor systems.

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