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Ramimtech Pulley Lagging Abrasion Resistant Diamond Rubber Sheet

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Ramimtech Pulley lagging abrasion resistant diamond rubber sheet, applied and refined from the top level abrasion rubber, the main difference is on the diamond structure design of rubber sheet, without second carving, our rubber sheet is a once molded product, thus will enhance the friction factor of rubber sheet itself.

Diamond abrasion resistant rubber sheet doesn’t have to grave with the regroover
The biggest differences between diamond rubber sheet and plain rubber sheet is that the diamond pattern is once molded, will save human power and resources and also greatly saves the cost.

Diamond rubber sheet can enhance the friction factor between conveyor belt and rubber sheet
Diamond rubber sheet, the diamond dimension is 47mm*27mm, depth 6mm, which can greatly enhance the friction factor, avoid the material slipping from the drum.

Features of Ramimtech abrasion resistant rubber sheet
Diamond rubber sheet will protect the drum surface, metal surface not stick the materials or material off tracking, enhance the friction factor, which can reduce slipping between drum and conveyor belt, protecting the metal surface from wear and corrosion, whose back contains semi-curing layer will enhance the bonding strength.

Abrasion resistant diamond rubber sheet bonding
Diamond rubber sheet, working with cold vulcanizing glue Sk811 will cause the vulcanization, bring the rubber sheet tightly stick to the drum metal surface, the workers don’t have to disassemble the drum and easily finish the pulley lagging, reducing the coating strength, saves the halt time of conveyor belt.


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