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Pulley lagging for one of power plant of Henan Kaifeng

Number of visits: Date:2015-3-26
RAMIMTECH arrives Henan Kaifeng Power Plant to supply pulley lagging service, this time is for the cold vulcanizing pulley lagging of the main driver roller.RAMIMTECH offers German cold curing technology, and related materials, tools. Pulley lagging for driving roller was done successful under the free disassemble.

RAMIMTECH's technicians are cleaning the residue rubber for the follow-up treatment of polishing.

Technicains is using L1202 angle grinder to polish the roller surface.

RAMIMTECH's skilled technicain is brushing cleaning solvent SK853, SK353 can effectively remove impurity on themetal surface of the roller and enhance adhesion between roll and rubber sheet.

Technicains are applying cold adhesive SK811 on the surface of roller,SK811 and semi-vulcanized bonding layer of rubber sheet produces curing reaction, it ensures the strength of the pulley lagging.

RAMIMTECH's technicains Technicains are applying rubber sheet to roller surface, and trimming it.

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