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Tungsten carbide buffing disc

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Ramimtech tungsten carbide buffing disc is suitable for roughing pretreatment of all kinds of rubber conveyor belt and the rubber side of pulley lagging rubber sheet ( the side without CN bonding layer). it is one of the indispensable tools of conveyor belt repair, joint and cold pulley lagging.
The surface of tungsten carbide buffing disc be full of granule.After rapid buffing, we can get a good roughness of rubber surface,and it can prevent roughed surface aging. so that to ensure the bonding effect of conveyer belt joint, repair and pulley lagging effectively.
Image is Ramimtech service team used tungsten carbide disc which is fixed on L1202 angle grinder to rough conveyor belt damage on site.

Ramimtech recommend angle grinder L1202 which is of high power and low speed, to prevent burning out angle grinder.

5121218 125mm,K18
5121223 125mm,K23
5121236 125mm,K36
5121718 175mm,K18
5121723 175mm,K23
5121736 175mm,K36

Ramimtech focus on maintenance and protection of mining conveyor system,through the world's most efficient products and advanced technology solutions,to help power plants, steel works, coking plant, cement plant, grain, mine, dock, subway and other industries to extend the life of the transmission system and reduce the cost of transmission system.

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