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Drum lagging diamond rubber sheet

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Image is Ramimtech drum lagging diamond rubber sheet Ramimtech drum lagging diamond rubber sheet is a new generation of wear-resistant rubber sheet which is made by using the world's leading technology,and the most exquisite manufacturing process.
Comparing with the last generation rubber sheet,this modle is more wear-resisting and efficient, and it represents the world's leading techinic.
●Don't need to sculpture.
The biggest difference with other rubber sheet is the diamond pattern is formed by once, therefor save the time and labore of carving.
Each diamond size 47 mm * 27 mm ,6 mm deepness.
●Enhance the friction.
Diamond rubber sheet can greatly enhance the friction of rubber sheet,maximize the protection of the drum metal surface from inadhesion and wandering,decrease the slippage between the drum and the conveyer belt ,and protect the drum metal surface from wear and corrosion.
●With excellent adhesion.
The CN bonding layer on the back of rubber sheet will have vulcanization reaction with cold adhesive SK313,which will made rubber sheet be bonded firmly on the roller surface and enhance the bonding strength greatly.
●Lower construction cost.
Operators do not need to remove the drum, you can easily coat the drum ,thereby it will reduce working cost greatly and short downtime of conveyor belt.
Diamond rubber sheet can meet the special request of drum coating from power plant, steel plant, coking plant, cement plant, grain, mine, dock, subway and other to extend the life of the transmission system and reduce the cost of transmission system.

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