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Pulley lagging metal primer SK363

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When do pulley lagging for driver drum and redirection drum, to improve the bonding strength between rubber sheet and the drum , we must brush metal primer SK363.
Metal primer will form one coat transition layer between metal and rubber sheet, so that it will improve metal surface bonding activity.
Metal primer SK363 is mainly used for driving drum cold pulley lagging in power plant, cement plant, coal mine, steel mills.are also used in rubber lining on metal surface which need bond rubber to metal.
Operation method:
It is very easy to use,firstly roughen drum surface, made metal surface rustless and rough, we suggest that the buffing depth is 30 um.
Then use the cleaning agent to remove greasy dirt. After drum is dry,brush one thin coat metal primer evenly.
Wait approx. 10-30 minutes,bursh two coats cold vulcanzing adhesive SK313, also brush one coat cold vulcanizing adhesive SK313 on rubber sheet which is with one coat CN bonding layer . When the adhesive are slightly sticky,bond rubber sheet and metal drum.Then use rubber mallet to hit them firmly.

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