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Belt repair glue SK313

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When conveyor belt running for a long time, whose surface will be partly damaged, however, we should not regardless this damage, which will cause the whole belt a wreck, if it turns out to be like that, the loss is huge, but,how to avoid this? We should repair it when small damages,choose cold vulcanizing method, using belt repair glue SK313 to realize surface jointing.

Belt repair glue SK313 is a special glue for conveyor belt repair, whose excellent bonding strength is far more exceed Germany DIN industrial standard and can be the same standard with traditional hot splicing bonding strength, during belt repair and cold seamless jointing, whose bonding strength will be far more exceed the hot splicing bonding strength.

Belt repair glue SK313 is safe and non-flammable,when belt emergency repair, which suitable for ground and under ground operation, no need any large vulcanizing equipment, after finished repairing can be start running and not affect belt loading capacity.


                                               Belt repair glue SK313 (above photo)

Operation method of belt repair glue SK313
1. Using angle grinder accompany a tungsten carbon disc to deeply grind the damaged parts until it becomes a thin and uniform rubber, then cleaning up dust with brush.
2. Mixed the belt repair glue SK313 with hardener in 100:4 and stir uniformly.
3. Brush belt repair glue SK313 on the damaged surface who has ground twice, and also brush the repair strip semi-cured layer once until their surfaces dry and little stickness, then joints.
4. Align joint parts and joint from front to back, using roller stitcher to press 2 or times and eliminate air.
5. Repair surface will be perfectly jointed and be one.
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