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what adhesive is better for conveyor belt bonding?

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The most important point to choose conveyor belt adhesive is the bonding strength, High strength adhesive not only can quickly repair belt damage, but also can be applied in cold joint and cold pulley lagging etc.
Time saving is another important point.
When belt in emergency repair, short time 's holding up will result in consequential loss.Losses is proportional to production Downtime.

We can image when we use one kind adhesive with character of quick cure and high strength bonding for metal to rubber, would it can greatly reduce conveyor belt maintenance time and labour? The answer is yes. our Ramimtech brand adhesive SK811 is just with these features : quick cure , high bonding strength , bonding metal to rubber,also is non-flammable, can be used in underground mining.

Cold vulcanizing adhesive is different from other belt adhesive.By using cold adhesive SK811, its bonding process will be that rubber will have cold vulcanizning reaction with rubber , and they will be fused, not simplely be bonded. This process is named "cold vulcanizing" Its excellent bonding strength is in the same level with hot vulcanizing . also can be higher than hot vulcanizing when do cold repair and cold sealing bond.

Cold vulcanizing adhesive can bond rubber to rubber,rubber to metal (pulley lagging),fabric to rubber, fabric to fabric. Both suitable for surface and underground mining. It is safe and non-flammable.
If you don't know how to choose belt bonding adhesive , recommend SK811. it is an ideal adhesive for conveyor belt repair , pulley lagging, and rubber lining.



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