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Rubber conveyor belt repair- how to use repair strip correctly?

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We know when conveyor belt damaged , scratched or torn, we have to repair it with repair strip, but how to use repair strip correctly and efficiently? Definitely, to a new comer in the repair industry, you will need a guidance.

Meanwhile, in the forward passage “conveyor belt repair”, we have introduced how to repair a conveyor belt, you can take a check.

Methods for rubber conveyor belt repair
1. First of all, we will mark the damaged parts,this is for choosing the appropriate repair strip, we will cut the repair strip according to the size of damaged parts, make sure that repair strip should be 4cm larger than the damaged parts.
2. Use the angle grinder L1202 accompany with tungsten carbon buffing disc to grind the damaged parts, grinding parts should present a certain radian and no protrusion points.
3. Mix cold vulcanizing glue SK313 with hardener according the ratio 100:4, grinding parts should brush the mixture twice, first brush should be entirely dry(at least 30 minutes, however the metal surface at least need a hour). Then the second brush. However the repair strip should brush once only, when both of them have little stickness ( test with finger back), we can glue them.
4. Repair strip should glue along with the marked line from one side to the other side, after finishing all, use the roller stitcher press from inside to outside, after compaction, we can realize the repair.

1. If the damaged parts sunken seriously, we will advice filling them with T2 system, then use the repair strip.
2. Conveyor belt repair parts should brush the cold vulcanizing adhesive mixture twice and repair strip whose semi-cured layer will brush once only.
3. Cold vulcanzing adhesive Sk313 and hardener will mix according to 100:4, and the amount will choose according to the size of damaged parts and avoid the Sk313 solidify and waste.
Choose Ramimtech cold vulcanizing jointing methods to finish conveyor belt repair under normal temperature, repair strip and conveyor belt jointing parts will brush cold vulcanzing adhesive Sk313, which can reach the working strength promptly and once repair can use immediately.

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