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Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber

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Ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber is special for conveyor belt hot vulcanizing jointing,can be used for steel cord conveyor belt, canvas, nylon, polyester conveyor belt.
Unvulcanized intermediate rubber has features of high bonding strength, security and flame retardant, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance,wear resistance, etc.
When using unvulcanized intermediate rubber, vulcanizing press machine is required.
By high temperature and high pressure from vulcanizing press, uncuerd intermediate rubber will be melted in the jointing part of belt.
Ramimtech uncured intermeidare rubber can protect steel calbe from being lifting out off jointing part. it can make conveyor belt reach working index quickly. Reduce downtime loss.
The strengest steel cored conveyor belt in China is jointed by ramimtech uncured intermediate rubber.
We have long-term cooperation with large enterprise such as China power,China power investment etc. By using efficient products and services, we are aiming to extend the life of the conveyor belt and reduce the cost.


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