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High intension conveyor belt adhesive SK313

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High intension conveyor belt adhesive SK313 is a kind of high bonding strength adhesive, mainly used for conveyor belt surface repair, joints splicing, drum and rubber sheet bonding, also conveyor belt has super bonding strength between metal and rubber, rubber and rubber, fabric and rubber, fabric and fabric.
Features of conveyor belt adhesive SK313
Short solidify time under normal temperature, high intensity, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flexible resistance and Non-flammability.
Easy operation technology, no need for vulcanizer or other large scale equipment, once repair can use immediately.
Can be used under the temperature of 0 to 80℃, especially for underground fireproof and explosion proof environment.
Technical datas of Conveyor belt adhesive Sk313
Peeling strength: (N/25mm) 2 hours solidify≥90 24 hours solidify≥150
Non-flammability: self extinguish
Storage: 48 months (under cool and dry place)
Storage: avoid direct sunshines, avoid temperature reduce to 0 degree.(this will cause condensation) Instructions of conveyor belt adhesive Sk313
Metal: use sand blast or grinding methods to derust the metal surface and make it rough- suggest the grinding depth will be 30um, use Ramimtech cleaning solvent Sk353 to dislodge surface grease, if have to, pls brush a coat of metal primer SK363 and wait it totally dry, thus will enhance the bonding strength between metal surface and rubber.
Rubber: rubber sheet with semi-cured layer and repair strip whose surface don’t have to be ground, if rubber sheet without semi-cured layer, whose rubber surface have to be totally ground( do not have smooth area), use dry and clean brush to wipe off the dust, use cleaning solvent to wash the metal stains.
Fabric: brush other rubber area and make them flatten, grind the fabric layer carefully, (note that do not damage the fabric layer, suggest using the tungsten carbide buffing disc), use dry and clean brush to wipe off the dust, use cleaning solvent to wash the metal stains.
Blending: stir conveyor belt adhesive SK313 and hardener UT-R40 fully,mix ratio will be 100:4, pls use the mixture in 2 hours.
Brush: brush the jointing surface uniformly twice, first brush will have to wait totally dry(at least 30 minutes, metal surface at least need an hour), the second brush will be dry and have little stickness ( test with finger back), if over dried, pls brush again.
After-sales service of conveyor belt Sk313
1. We promise the following situation, after the we sell the products (take the receipt date as standard), you can reject our goods without reason in a week, you can change products in 15 days, you can submit the orders or contact our custom service online to handle the goods change matters, 1 year guarantee.
2. Following situation will not acceptable
Exceed the shelf date;
Maintain without authorized, false use, collide, careless use, water feed, accident, changes and incorrect installation, which cause the quality problem, or tear, altered label, serial number and false proof mark.
Incomplete of products outside package, accessory, free gifts and instructions, invoice deficiency or changes.
Damage beyond human control.
Ramimtech (china) focus on conveyor belt belt system maintenance and protection, through the high efficiency products and advanced technology, which help the enterprises like power plant, steel plant, coking plant, cement plant, mine, dock, subway and granary to lengthen the life time of conveyor belt and reduce the conveyor belt system cost.



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