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RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet

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RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet is used for lagging for conveyor belt drive drum , vibrator feeder, chute, storage warehouse, materials transfer point and shock damper plate.
It have features of dry abrasion resistance and impact wear resistance . Be suitable for all kinds of extreme weather conditions.
By using RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet,conveyor drum can have a long life of more than two years at full capacity running.
It is 200% more than the traditional wear-resisting rubber sheet'.
Rubber sheet bonding surface is with semi-cured layer, it will have vulcanizing action with cold vulcanizing adhesive sk811, therefore rubber sheet will be bonded with metal surface firmly.
RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet is maded by compround of BR/IR/SBR, its gravity is 1.10 g/cm3 ; its wear-resisting coefficient is as high as 80mm3AT10N, Compared with the domestic rubber sheet,RAMIMTECH rubber sheet is more wear-resisting and much lighter in weight.
In respect of breaking strength,RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet is of 20 mn/M2 (MIN),it is as excellent as traditional rubber sheet.
In respect of breaking elongation,RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet is of an astonishing 450% MIN.
RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet is with Standard width 1500 mm, its length is 10000 mm, each roll is of 15 ㎡, thickness 3 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm are available.
RAMIMTECH wear-resisting rubber sheet have been sold to many customers both in foreign and domestic market,Many Chinese Large enterprises are using it.
With strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it have beening gotten many customers' trust.

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