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The differences between Ramimtech rubber sheet and other rubber sheet

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During pulley lagging on roller surface, If rubber sheet falls off, the loss is inevaluable, however, if we don’t do pulley lagging, the friction factor will be very low between conveyor belt and roller surface, also cause slipping between them, affect the load capacity and productivity.
If we do pulley lagging, how to choose and distinguish them? What’s the differences between them?
When confront with above questions, we will deeply introduce the differences between Ramimtech rubber sheet and other rubber sheet?
Material difference
Ramimtech rubber sheet and other rubber sheet have strong differences on materials, Ramimtech rubber sheet is made up of BR/IR/SBR polymer, thus will guarantee the abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile strength, other rubber sheet applies the recycled rubber material, which will reduce the flexibility of rubber sheet itself, also will reduce the friction factor.
Bonding surface semi-cured layer difference
Abrasive rubber sheet whose bonding surface has semi-cured layer or not, the quality of semi-cured layer will determine the bonding strength between rubber sheet and roller surface. So when choose a good rubber sheet pulley lagging, semi-cured layer will be an important factor that should consider. Ramimtech abrasive semi-cured layer applies global advanced CN cold vulcanizing bonding layer, with the help of cold vulcanizing adhesive Sk313, force the CN coat self vulcanization, then tightly combine on the metal surface, whose bonding strength is twice higher than other products.
Service life difference
Ramimtech abrasive rubber sheet is the most abrasive rubber sheet in the world, during the same environment, the service life of Ramimtech rubber sheet is twice longer than other rubber sheets, thus will save lot cost for enterprises.


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