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Ramimtech hot vulcanzing agent STL HS

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Ramimtech hot vulcanizing agent is non-flammable,it is one of the indispensable materials of conveyor belt hot joint.
Hot vulcanizing agent SK823 is suitable for hot vulcanizing joint of steel cord conveyor belt,nylon conveyor belt, canvas belt.
its main role is to strengthen viscosity between unvulcanized intermediate rubber and belt,increase the bonding strength, and improve belt joint strength.


On-site use of Ramimtech hot vulcanizing agent STL-HS in WangjiaLing Mining at Shanxi Province.
1.Make belt jointing part to stairway shape, then roughen the joniting surface by using angle grinder with tungsten carbide buffing disc.
(the advantage of tungsten carbide buffing disc is it can roughen evenly and protect rubber from beeing aged , therefor to strength bonding effect of hot jointing.)
2.Evenly brush hot vulcanizing agent onto the surface of belt roughened surface, the uncured intermediate rubber and uncured cover rubber.
Make sure to bursh evely.
3.Increase Pressure and heat the belt jointing part by using of vulcanizing press machine. Stop heating in time.
In common conditions, it need 40-45 minutes after reaching 145 ℃ constant temperature.
4.Disassemble vulcanizing press machine and trim belt vulcanized part.
Ramimtech focuses on conveyor belt maintenance and protection.By using efficient products and advanced technology solutions,we aiming to help power plants, steel works, coking plant, cement plant, grain, mine, dock, subway etc. industries to extend the life of the transmission system and reduce the cost.

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