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Conveyor belt repair glue- choose belt glue SK313

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When choose glue for repairing belt, not only we have to choose stable, high intensive, easy brushing and fast drying glue, but also it should be non-flammable, these are the basic characteristics for conveyor belt glue.

Ramimtech belt glue Sk313, which is a kind of daily repair glue and high performance adhesive, whose excellent bonding strength that far more exceed Germany DIN industrial standard and the same grade as hot splicing strength, not only can be used for partly repair such as tear, scratch and so on, but also can be used in the area of high intensive bonding such as conveyor belt jointing, pulley lagging.
The specific environment underground that determines we have to choose a kind of non-flammable glue, common neoprene glue can not reach the demand for underground requirement that fire retardant and explosion proof, however, our belt glue SK313, whose excellent flame retardant properties that other products can not be reached, when belt glue SK313 faces fire, it will be self extinguish that far from fire, avoid easily flares.
  Fast drying
Conveyor belt stops also means the production stops, the fast repair will reduce the halt time and enhance productivity, Ramimtech belt glue sk313 contains 1KG glue and 40g hardener, the mixing ratio should be 100:4, greatly enhance the drying time, while emergency repair, can be used immediately, and start up.

Instruction for belt glue SK313
Avoid the direct sun shines, and prevent the temperature below 0 degree. (this will probably engender condensation.)
Environment and material temperature will be +10℃ to +45℃.
Bonding surface: dry, clean, no chemical substances, grease and so on.
Metal surface: use sand blast or grinding methods to deeply derust the metal surface, thus make them roughen, suggest grinding depth will be 30um. Choose Ramimtech cleaning solvent Sk353 to dislodge the metal surface dirty, before bonding if necessary, brush a coat of metal primer sk363 to make them totally dry, thus will enhance the bonding strength between metal surface and rubber.
Rubber surface: rubber sheet with semi-cured layer, repair strip, they don’t have to be ground, if rubber sheet without semi-cured layer should be fully ground(no smooth area), use clean and dry brush to wipe off the dust, use cleaning solvent to clean the surface grease.
Fabric surface: grinding and flattening other rubber area, slightly grind the fabric layer( notice that don’t damage the fabric layer, suggest use the tungsten carbide buffing disc), use clean and dry brush to wipe off the dust, use cleaning solvent to clean the surface grease.
Brush demand: brush 2 coats on bonding surface uniformly, the first brush should be totally dry(at least 30 minutes, metal surface at least 1 hour), second brush will be dried to little stickness (test with finger back), if over dried, brush again.

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