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What is the function of repair strip?

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Conveyor belt surface would be partly damaged by ore or other hard objects after long time running. The damage will be larger if it doesn't be repaired in time, thus it will make harmful effect to normal production.
For these surface damages, the most effective way to repair is applying conveyor belt repair strip.
The function of repair strip is to bond and repair conveyer belt surface damage.
this repair is similar with the band-aid in medical science, so repair strip is also called as conveyor belt band-aid.
There are two kinds of conveyor belt repair strip: standard and reinforced.
Reinforced repair strip have fabric fiber layer inside,which is the canvas layer we generally called. its function is protecting belt repaired part from secondary damage.
Standard repair strip is without fabrc fiber layer. it is thiner than reinforced repair strip, we'd better choose standard repair strip if the damge part is near conveyor belt scraper.
Users should do optimum selecting according to the situation on site.
The back of repair strip,which will be bonded to conveyor belt damage area is with semi-unvulcanized layer.This layer will have vulcanizing reaction with cold vulcanizing adhesive , and made repair strip to be fused with conveyor belt.
There are five sizes of conveyor belt repair strip : 100mm、150mm、220mm、300mm、400mm. You can choose suitable size according to damage size. In principle,repair strip need to be larger approx. 3 cm than damage size.
When do cold repair ,you need brush cold vulcanizing adhesive SK811 both on the surface of conveyor belt and repair strip .
Firstly roughten and clean belt damage area, after there is no dirt on the surface ,brush two coats conveyor belt cold vulcanizing adhesive.
When the first coat is completely dry, brush on the second coat . For repair strip with semi-unvulcanized layer, only one coat is ok . When the second coat is slight tacky,it is good time for bonding.
If there is concave damage on conveyor belt, you need to fill concave in advance, then brush cold vulcanzing adhesive SK811 to repair.
More details of how to use please refer to the link

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